44' Luxury Catamaran Mustang Sally

Doug, Wendy and Mustang Sally cruise the Virgin Islands. Follow along on their adventures meeting funky local characters and visiting hot spots and hidden treasures with links to our favorites websites and additional interesting information.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Good afternoon to the captain and crew of Mustang Sally! I msut comment after having recieved your email. The shotski looks to be a useful tool to ensure boredom on the high seas won't take hold. However, I have sailed on this fine ship and never once did I feel the party needed a kick-start to get going. From what I recall, which is not much it, started at the dock and never stopped. The shotski, I believe, will have a multitude of uses; it could be used to welcome your guest upon boarding, or as a morning kiss to shake off the festivities from the previous night, could also be used for the removal of swim wear, could be used not just to get things started but could be used to ensure things continue, or if over used, could insure things could end, could be used as a gesture of kindness or a peace offering.

Let me just say "Welcome to the Shotski!! and let the games begin!" Woo Hoo!

Chris Leader
very sastisfied past (and future) guest.


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